Friday, April 14, 2006

Web Hosting

I just sent the following email to Jim, the owner of Cyberland-USA, the place that now hosts three web sites I help run:

Jim, I just have to thank you for your awesome services at Cyberland. You're not the cheapest, and I wish I had more space for the money, but you have, by far, the best service out of any company I have ever used. I can't stand dealing with mega-companies like Godaddy who try to sell me stuff at every turn. I had one web hosting provider ( go belly up. I had another hosting provider provide rather poor customer service ( Cyberland-USA is reliable, fast, and extremely responsive for its customers.

In under one day I have easily consolidated three web sites into one account at Cyberland-USA thanks to your policy of allowing multiple addon domains on one account, which other companies offer as well, but not with your level of service.

Thanks again.

Yay for good customer service!

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