Monday, April 03, 2006

The 'bell vs. the 'otle

Today I was faced with a rather dire situation: to Bell or not to Bell. Taco Bell, that is. Not having consumed one of their delicious beef gordita supremes in quite some time, I was thinking about heading off to snag one after teh work. But then a voice inside me started asking about my old friend Chipotle. "Why not go for a massive guacamole-filled steak burrito in a shiny tinfoil wrapper?" it asked. "You know you don't want that Grade-F meat from Taco Bell..." But then another voice started reminding me of the wonderful deliciousness of the gordita that, despite the sheer size of a Chipotle burrito, could not be easily ignored in this situation. Eventually I went with my gut instinct and got two gorditas and a mondo-size plate of nachos. mmm...nachos... It wasn't what I would classify as delicious, or even good, but it was enough to satisfy my nostalgia for the time being.

I had dinner while watching the special features on the last Firefly disc, and I have to say I'm a bit sorry to see this show come to a close. It really is a great series, even though it's only half a season. Despite a few, um...unnecessary scenes (*ahem* Inara...can someone explain why she is even on the show?) it's a first-rate show that should not be missed by anyone. Especially if you like Sci-Fi.

And speaking of Sci-Fi, I started reading the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy again. I read it a few years ago and it was awesome, and now as I re-read it I remember why. Heh...Vogon poetry... :)

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