Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Resident Gaming 4

A few years ago I snagged a copy of Capcom's Resident Evil for my GameCube, and spent many long night getting freaked out of my mind as I wandered the hallways of its mansion and dungeon. I once got so scared that after pausing the game for a bathroom break and bumping into my roommate's girlfriend in the hallway, I jumped back and flattened myself against the wall because I thought she was one of the zombies from the game. Ahh-some. :) So a few days ago I went and bought Resident Evil 4 to see if it was as good as its predecessors.

I played the original on PS1, as well as bits of RE2, RE: Code Veronica, and RE: Zero on GameCube, and so far this game definitely lives up to its predecessors in terms of raw scariness. It's also way tough, and that's definitely something I need to get used to. It's not for kids, that's for sure, so if you're a parent, read the label and don't let your kids play it. But if you like to be scared...wowie. Definitely grab this game.

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