Monday, June 12, 2006

Isolinear Chips? Almost...

I read in a book some years ago that one isolinear chip could hold over two terabytes of data (though some have disagreed). However you slice it, that is a heck of a digital storage box. Well, I just installed a second external hard drive for my computer, bringing my total storage space up to 450 gigabytes, or almost half of a terabyte. Not bad. :)

My brother once bought a one gigabyte hard drive and I was sure we would never ever fill it up. He even let me have 100 megabytes of storage space for whatever I wanted. Isn't Moore's Law cool? (answer: yes, it sure is)

Edit: Wow, what great timing!

Second edit: Changed the title from "Isoliner Chips" to "Isolinear Chips". I don't even know what an "Isoliner" is.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Moving In

I have spent the last few days moving stuff to my new apartment, and it has gone surprisingly well, for which I have the Good Lord to thank. Despite the fact that my vehicle is a rather small Toyota Corolla, I was able to transport all kids of stuff quickly and efficiently, and even begin unpacking too. My cousin let me borrow his tank 1987 Suburban to move a few large things, which definitely helped.

I also have now gone completely sans-wires, as my eMac how has a nifty little Airport Extreme card installed. It's really cool to be able to turn on my computer far away from the internet router and have it work the same as always, but without any network cords attached. Yeah!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Of Equipment and Bejeweled Jelly

This past week I picked up the new albums from two of my three favorite bands of all time.

-The first is my 15th album, counting singles and b-sides, from a band I discovered in my junior year of high school. Erick Howard once walked to Homer's Music during lunch near the end of my senior year to get me and him tickets to see the band in Kansas City. 16 years after 10 and this band is still amazing.

-The second is the first album from the band in five years, though I would have waited ten thousand days more just to hear it.

-The third band will never release another album. Or, rather, they *should* never release another album, though Courtney Love will certainly try. For Frances' sake, let it rest.