Friday, April 14, 2006

That face you make...look I so old to young eyes?

(ten points if you can name that quote, and no fair using Google!)

Nick rolled in to town this evening with JVA, and I went to hang out with him and the band for a while. It was really cool, even though I just saw Nick a week ago. We walked around the neighborhood, chatted about old times (duh), chatted about the band, my work, the tour...all kinds of stuff. I talked with Mikey and Eric (Erik? Erick?) too, and even said a few things to "Dub", whom I don't think I've ever talked to before. It was a really cool time just hanging out with those guys, but especially with Nick. They're spending about 10 days on the road and then it's back to Lincoln for some time off as well as some work on the new record. Schweet!

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