Thursday, March 01, 2007

Snowy Lasagna

Ok, so this is another post about a recipe. My wife's friend gave us an incredibly delicious lasagna recipe when we got married, and we have made it a few times since, only to be amazed at its tastiness with each subsequent constructing. It's meatless, too, which is a little weird for me, but it sure is good. I'll try to post the actual cooking instructions soon, but I might forget (and if I do, go ahead and remind me).

It snowed a ton over the past two days. Several tons, in fact--enough that a host of schools here in the Metro area are closed, which, as any longtime Minnesota resident will tell you, takes some doing. When I was a kid, I remember anticipating snow days in the exact opposite of the way I anticipated my morning paper route on weekends. More often than not, my hopes of a day off were dashed in a flurry of, well, flurries, as that's usually what a heavy Nebraska snow forecast resulted in. But every now and then Phil Schoo, the superintendent whose name I only knew because it was spoken in disgust by parents on snow days and students on almost snow days, would relent and cancel the public education machine for one blissful day which would ultimately, though I am now slightly ashamed to admit it, be spent wasting the entire thing.

Anyway, as I write this the street lamps are dimly illuminating a silent shower of crystals gently falling from the heavens which, more than anything I can think of, illustrate the concept of strength in numbers. Gulliver himself has been subdued by a thick blanket of tiny white specks, and though I'm sure there's some profound lesson to be learned therein, the truth is I'm too sleepy to think of it. :)

And as a side note, we now have a huge pan of leftover lasagna to tide us over until the streets are cleared. Hallelujah!

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