Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Perfect Timing

So the heat went out in our apartment last week. Bummer, right? That's what I thought, until I realized it's almost spring and it's nearly as warm outside as it is inside. For a couple nights things were mighty chilly, but wow, it's downright balmy in here now even though the furnace remains temporarily out of service (much like the Frog and the Bear, as described by Doctor Teeth in The Muppet Movie). If this had happened one week earlier I would be wearing thermal socks and a few layers of snow pants as I type this, instead of going barefoot with PJ pants.

(little-known fact: the aforementioned film was the first VHS movie my family owned. My parents surprised the us all with a VCR at Christmas in the late 80's, and for a couple months the only thing we used it for was watching The Muppet Movie. Good times, folks. Good times indeed.)

Speaking, or writing, as the case may be, of blasts from the past, I have been listening to DC Talk's Jesus Freak album tonight, and as is often the case with these sort of things, I forgot how cool it is. I'm no music critic, but I can tell you it's one fine album. Such is the magic of iTunes, eh? Sifting through a 30-gig library may take some of the tactile, and therefore personal, experience out of looking for some good toonz, but as far as I'm concerned the benefits outweigh the, uh, un-benefits. :)

(oh, and as a side note, I have no idea why the comments on my blog aren't working. Hopefully the Blogger people can fix it soon...)


Simon said...

Comments are working! Sorry about the problems with comments, folks. I hope this resolves them. Oh, and on a side note...CSS is great. :)

chaviva said...

I am, in fact, moving. To Chicago, that is. Jobless, of course. But in hot pursuit of learning Hebrew and getting a master's in Judaic studies. And, well, my boyfriend lives there. So that's incentive. Plus, this journalism, night-shift, Washington DC thing sort of killed my spirit.

So I'm rekindling it elsewhere!

It'll put me closer to Beth, too, so maybe I'll get to pay her a visit in Minny-soda, the state owned by Ringsmuths!