Sunday, March 04, 2007

Economizing Photons

Daylight Savings Time happens on March 11, exactly one week from 2am this morning which, I suppose, would make it slightly less than one week from right now. It's like going to the store and finding out that the box of Macaroni you were going to get has undergone a price reduction, or discovering a dollar wadded up in an old pair of jeans, or having an afternoon meeting cancelled. Only this event keeps going for about six months, and gets better each day for about half of those. It's really cool getting an additional hour of daylight, even though it means my commute to work will be slightly darker in the morning, but only for a little while, as the days continue to get progressively longer until (gasp!) the end of June. Sweet!

I've had somewhat of a stuffy head this weekend, but in a strange departure from colds of yesteryear, it has only affected my sinuses. No sore throat, no lingering cough, no fits of raised or lowered body temperatures...just a regular ol' stuffy head. The prescription? Lots of O to the J, lots of H2 to the 0, and no shortage of Nectar of Conservative. I'm actually feeling a lot better, and hoping tomorrow will bring clear skies and sinuses. Not bad, says I.

And Beth, if you read this, thanks again for the use of your 2nd Gen iPod. It's still going strong, despite the flaky battery. I was without it this afternoon, and it was sorely missed, hence its current state of resyncing and recharging.

  • Thanks J and S for coming over last night. I'm still full from the pizza!
  • The soundtrack to The 7th Guest continues to be one of the CDs I would require if I were stranded on a desert island and could only have three albums.

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