Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Back in the 'Sota

It was an exhausting but fun weekend, and mega-congrats to my brother Phil and his new wife Wendi. They make a cute couple, and they have a pretty nice apartment too. It was great seeing a good chunk of my extended family over the weekend, and it was also pretty cool to see many of my friends from Lincoln too. A few highlights:

• Driving down with my mom's friend in her spacious Bonneville.
• Loading up on breffist foods at Costco in Des Moines (yeah, I like running errands)
• Amigo's twice (meat nachos both times)
• Taco Inn once (taco, burrito, nachos)
• Great tunage at the reception. Nicely done, Fil!
• My wife and I were the best cake cutters and passer-outers I have seen in quite some time
• The church was really sweet.
• Getting crazy on the dance floor with Weird Al's "Hardware Store"
• Hearing the bride's dad come up and ask "Ok, seriously...what was that?" afterwards
• Playing croquet in my parents' back yard
• Tasty barbecue at the bride's parents' house
• Serving breffist to about 25 relatives on Sunday morning
• Going to my brother Tom's church on Sunday. That place is always cool, man.
• Checking for Wii Play at Gamers. They didn't have it, but it would only be $16 if they did. Yuss!
• Playing 500 with my wife, my dad, and my mom's friend.
• Seeing my cousin Eddy for the first time in a while. You're doing great, man!
• Taking far too many photos of pretty much everything during the entire weekend.
• Sitting in, and revving, my brother-in-law's race car (and, as a side note, anticipating the race track this summer!)
• Just spending lots of time with relatives and friends in general. That's always really nice.

Ok, off to bed for me. It's probably far too late anyway. :)


jessrings said...

Nuh uhhh you got to play 500. That is so sweet.

I remember another croquet game played between my bro and you and me and the Commando one summer's eve. You kept throwing the mallet in the air and one time it finally came crashing down on your forehead.

Ever-ready in times of peril, the commando called 911.

And because of that, you still have a forehead.

Simon said...

Wow, Jess, so that's the story behind the scar! (it's still prominently displayed just above my eyebrow, by the way) I had no idea you and Matt were there to witness it, but it doesn't surprise me one bit that the Commando saved the day yet again. :)