Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Past Three Days...

  • Drove to Lincoln
  • Saw family-n-friends
  • Went to Amigo's, had "large meat nachos"
  • Had delicious homemade pickles (my gramma's recipe. the secret ingredient? well water.)
  • Saw my brother Andy and my uncle Pete at their work
  • Had Valentino's pizza courtesy of aforementioned uncle
  • Replaced thermostat in car with my dad
  • Sat at dining room table, did crossword puzzle
  • Saw more family-n-friends, including super cute 9 month old niece
  • Went to Taco Inn, had "nacho platter"
  • Played my brother Tom's copy of Steel Batallion
  • Saw even more family-n-friends
  • Went to Amigo's, had "large meat nachos" and soft taco
  • Was a guest on Inside The Console
  • Played Pitch, Up and Down the River, dominos, Galaxian, Kirby's Dreamland, Super Mario 64, and solved a 196-piece Wii Photo Channel puzzle in 90 minutes (with the help of three friends)
  • Ate ice cream, chips, salsa, popcorn, candy, and had "stomache ache"
  • Drove back to the Cities

it's aaaallll gooood.

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