Wednesday, March 21, 2007

(In)vernal Equinox?

Ok, so I couldn't really think of a clever title for this entry, but do I get points for trying?

Probably not.

Anyway, this particular equinox is, in fact, the opposite of infernal, in that it marks the first day of Spring and the day that the sun will begin spending more time on this side of the equator. In other words, the days are, after roughly three months of lengthening, finally going to be longer than the nights. Excellent.

When I was in elementary school, my fifth-grade teacher, Mrs. Buss, said that, due to the gravitational forces of the earth coming to a state of harmony on this day, an egg could be balanced perfectly on its small end. After a few years of educamation in the Lincoln Public School system, I learned that she was full of, as she would have put it, "horse patootey." Still, it was fun to spend the afternoon attempting to balance eggs, and I suspect Mrs. Buss did it just to keep us busy for a while (and it sure did work). One kid, Jeremy Peterson, told us of how he once balanced over 20 eggs on their small end on the vernal equinox, only to have them all knocked down by his clumsy and unwitting maternal unit. I still don't believe him, though.

Tomorrow we head to Lincoln again for my little brother's wedding, though I suppose he's not really my "little" brother anymore even though he is younger than me. Those of you with younger siblings know what I'm talking about, though. It's gonna be a good time, since anytime my family (especially the extended version, with plenty of aunts'n'uncles, not to mention cousins) gets together it's a good time. My predictions: A high chance of card playing, giving way to UFOs and unicycling. Welding and auto maintenance may follow, as well as copious use of Macintosh laptops. :)


Sarah said...

Have fun you guys! It figures that the one weekend I have free you guys are out of town. Oh well; we'll have to catch you another time. Have fun at the wedding!

Seth said...

And it just figures that the one weekend you're in Lincoln I have to be in Des Moines. D'oh! Nuts. Mmm... donuts ...