Sunday, March 11, 2007

Macaroni and Ice Cream

At the risk of indulging in shameless self-glorification, I invite you to listen to the following:

On Nintendo and Macaroni

It's really nothing special, just a phone call I made to a podcast I listen to. I just think it's cool they took my call. :)

I went to see 300 this weekend, but in the tradition of my ancestors, I was not content to merely viewit. I had to experience it, so as to be able to make phone calls afterwards to let people know just what had happened. It's this same logic, presumably, that caused my brother to get rid of his house-shaking stereo system in favor of a foundations-of-the-earth-shaking stereo system just so, when people come over, they would remark at how awesome it is. And believe me, it is. :)

So for two hours last night my five senses were pounded into submission by a 12,000 watt audio system and a movie screen bigger than Rhode Island. It certainly was an experience, I must say, that I will remember for a while if for no other reason than the sheer spectacle of it all. The movie, like the characters and events it portrays, was the definition of larger than life, excessive, your cliché. It was awesome.

I got my hands on some herbal tea this afternoon too, because, as David Saint Hubbins once said, "why not?" It's some stuff called Good Earth sweet and spicy tea that I have been drinking at work for the past month, and I finally found a box at a local grocery store. It's pretty tasty stuff, though like most teas, the strange aftertaste takes some getting used to.

And a few other tidbits to close things out. See if you can figure out the meaning to all this...

• I watched V for Vendetta on Friday and Hotel Rwanda on Saturday.
• I had Macaroni mixed with Bacon Bits and green peas for lunch this afternoon.
• I had a delicious gyro for dinner yesterday, preceded, and followed, by drinks from two local coffee shops.
• My friend Sarah went with me to Micro Center yesterday where I got a 2-gig USB drive for $15.99.

Oh, and on a final note...daylight savings time rules!

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jessrings said...

I just saw V for Vendetta about a month ago and I liked it a lot. It's an interesting, thought provoking movie. My mind basically wandered from "I guess you can scare all fear out of someone" to "man there's a lot of words that start with V"