Saturday, March 31, 2007

Shiny Brass Rail

Lately it has been raining here in the Cities, and as I write this it shows no signs of abating, which is one reason last night was perfect for a 45-minute drive to eat chicken at a shifty hole-in-the-wall bar. So my wife and I went back to the Brass Rail with our friends Jon and Sarah, and yes, it was all I hoped it would be.

When we got there the place was packed, absolutely packed, with patrons, and I was told by one of the waitresses that it would be at least an hour wait for our food. "No problem," I replied. "It's really good chicken."

Jon found us a table and the four of us sat down in the newly renovated bar that we had visited many times before, and we all admired the improvements including a flat-screen LCD tv on the wall which seemed very out of place next to the "Big Game Hunter" arcade machine and Civil War-era barstools caked Civil War-era grease and cigarette residue. All in all, though, the place was looking mighty nice, right down to the bear-themed light bulb covers. A bit of me longed for the old place as it once was, but that bit was promptly quieted by the rest of me that was more than pleased at the thought of eating greasy chicken in a place that was now, hopefully, up to some sort of modern health code standards.

When the lady said it would be an hour wait for our food, she was not kidding. But nor am I when I say the chicken is good. I made it a personal goal to eat everything placed before me, which included a quarter of a chicken, a pile of onion rings, half an order of breaded mushrooms (I split 'em with Jon), and a side of cottage cheese. Man alive, that place is delicious. I still don't know what a "broasted" chicken is, but it sure is tasty. Afterwards we went to Sarah's house and chatted with her super cool parents for a while before watching the SNL "Best of Commercial Parodies" DVD, and though Crystal Gravy and Three-Legged Jeans were nowhere to be found on it, many laughs were had after seeing Tylenol RT, Oops I Crapped My Pants, and Colon Blow.

And for the record, I dig days like this when it's sort of rainy and bleak outside, since it means I can be inside and use the computer or play Wii guilt-free. :)

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