Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Verdict

I must say, that chili was some mighty fine eatin'. And plenty of leftovers, too. If any of you need some warming up in the coming weeks, I highly suggest Andy's recipe.

Last night we had some friends over and, though nothing super eventful happened, it was a nice evening spent watching a movie, playing some Wii Sports, and plain ol' talking. I would, in most situations, prefer that type of interaction as opposed to a loud party or other such craziness. We made some very delicious spaghetti (Thanks Jon for bringing the meatballs and garlic bread!) of which there are also many leftovers, which will come in handy during the next week at work.

I remember one episode of Reading Rainbow when LeVar burton tried working as a short-order cook. He was messing up orders left and right until he got the hang of things, and after telling me and my siblings about some good books (but making it perfectly clear that we did not have to take his word for it), tried to order his own dinner using short-order cook lingo. He ended up with a spaghetti sandwich and some odd side dishes, which was not what he ordered at all. And somehow through a Douglas Adams-esque chain of logic I have now arrived at spaghetti sandwich from starting with my brother's chili recipe.

"Weird," Bill Murray would say (though not as weird as a hairless cat).

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Sarah J. said...

KikioƩ. *busts out laughing*