Friday, February 16, 2007


I read Jurassic Park when I was in high school and, for the most part, enjoyed it very much. I appreciated the mix of science and contemporary fiction (not to be confused with the often-generalized genre of science fiction) as well as the intense action and interesting characters. A few years later my friend Ben told me about another book by the same author, Michael Crichton, called Sphere, which he read in one sitting. I picked it up about two years ago and gave it a read, along with another Crichton book called The Andromeda Strain. Both were very good, though I preferred the latter with its plot that nearly drowned in scientific plausibility. It answered, in a very real fashion, the very ancient question of "What if?" And in this case, the subject of the question was that of alien contact or, more precisely, contact with an alien virus. It was very cool.

So I decided to read yet another Crichton book my friend Raleigh told me about several years ago, called Timeline. Having finished it not ten minutes before beginning this post, I must say that I was rather disappointed. It was like reading a book based on a fairly cheesy medieval action movie. The characters were boring and the plot was convoluted and largely uninteresting. But I'm glad to have read it, and look forward to reading other books by the same author such as the gross-sounding Eaters of the Dead which, I'm told, is all about language and stuff. :)

And now, to brufsh my teef and get to reading the book my wife recently purchased for me, A Meaningful World. Oh, and for the record, tomorrow is Saturday and that rules. Helloooooo sleeping in!

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