Sunday, March 30, 2008

Out like a lamb

So far it looks as though March will bid a fond farewell in rather kindly fashion, with temps in the 40s during the day, although the forecast keeps warning us of...snow. Weird. I hope it doesn't pan out, but if we do get another few inches, I suppose it will melt quickly and be good for the ground and lakes and whatnot, so that's good. But between the weather and the extra Disco Stu would say, "Aaayy!"

Friday night we spent time with our restaurant- and movie-going friends Jon and Sarah, this time visiting the delicious Key's Cafe near our house and then attending our last-ever movie at the Roseville 4.

She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts. And the theatre owners had made a lot of special modifications, too:

The floors are a sight even Dave Barry would be proud of:

The movie in question was National Treasure: Book of Secrets, and while I was hoping for a little more grave-jumping action, it was a worthy follow-up to one of the more enjoyable adventure movies to come out in the last several years. I still wish Riley was played by Steve Zahn, though. Anyway, the cheapo movie house will close its doors forever in a matter of hours, so if you think of it, pour out a 40 of Pepsi, or a gallon tub of stale popcorn, for the fallen.

Last night my cousin and his wife came over and we spent the evening playing Guitar Hero 3 and (gasp!) Wii Play. I have always dismissed the latter as a terrible game, but I have to admit, for a bunch of casual gamers who just want to have a good time, it really was fun.

My wife and I are about to go on a walk--our first in many weeks--and while that may seem silly to blog about, if you lived up here and the weather was finally warm enough to do so, well, you would understand. :)


gb said...

thanks for the goodbye. she knows i would have been there for her if i could....

sj said...

My shoes were so sticky after leaving the theatre on Friday...but I guess that's just one last memory of Roseville 4 to carry with me. Farewell, old friend...