Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sorry about the Schnitzel

Well, the German restaurant, Cafe Mozart, was pretty awesome. To get there, we had to first walk through a German deli-type shop where they sold German meat German chocolate, German food...you get the point. I purchased this German soda there too, and I'll put up a pic in a day or two. The menu was crazy German-a-riffic, and I ended up getting the Sausage Sampler plate with five different kinds of sausages, supplemented with cabbage and (what else?) sauerkraut. My wife had some Wienerschnitzel which was pretty awesome, and the whole time there was this German lady singing songs on an accordion nearby. At one point she came over and was like "Oh, you liken der singen, ya?"

Yesterday we went to Oral Arguments at the Supreme Court (it's like a regular Court, but with extra cheese on a kaiser roll) but first we had to wait in line for about three hours just to get in. Apparently those Orals are one hot DC ticket, I tell ya. The line was, if you can believe it, even more nerdy than some other lines I have been in, because everyone here was talking about legal briefs and graduate schools and objecting to this or that motion. A friendly bunch, to be sure, but good gravy. Watching Oral Arguments was pretty neat, partially because it was fun to observe first-hand the highest level of our nation's judicial process, but also because Clarence Thomas kept his chair super pimped back. I'm not kidding, he would lean so far back it was like he was watching the ceiling. Between him and Scalia, who was so short he barely peeked out over the bench, it was quite the entertaining hour. And yes, after that we totally had lunch at the Supreme Court Cafe in the lower level of the building.

Today was mostly spent at the Library of Congress gathering data, and we are going to this Italian place for dinner in a little while. So not as fun-filled as yesterday, but you know, it's good to scale back now and then.

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