Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Softer It Falls

Yesterday I woke to quite a sight, for this time of year. The Good Lord had seen fit to grace the streets of the Twin Cities with one last covering of snow for the year, or so I hope, before setting winter back in the drawer for another seven months or so. In what some might have seen as some sort of supernatural April Fool's joke, we actually got hit with over three inches of snow by the time the sun was up. Fortunately, or not, depending on how you approach the situation, my job requires me to be up very early, and I was able to snap this photo from our third-story apartment window:

The photo was taken with a six-second shutter, at ISO 80, at 5:30am on April 1. And, in what is becoming ever more rare for me, the picture has not been "photoshopped," or digitally edited-slash-altered, at all. Click the image for a much larger version, by the way.

Of course, by the end of the day nearly all the snow on any pavement in the Metro area had melted off, and today one would be hard-pressed to find any evidence of a recent snowfall. That's how things go up here, though. :)

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chaviva said...

YIKES! We're expecting rain today. I'd prefer snow (not as messy, really), but I suppose I shouldn't complain :)