Thursday, March 13, 2008

Everybody to the limit

A few days ago I hit a major milestone in Wii Sports Bowling, or, rather, a major milestone in my player score that just happened to be on Wii Sports Bowling (and that, I might add, has nothing to do with my "Pro" status). Rather then pontificate further, I should probably just let the picture speak for itself:

George Lucas would be proud, no doubt about it.

As I have mentioned before, it might seem kind of silly to blog about the weather, but when you live in a state that has had over 20 days of sub-zero highs during the recent winter months...well, one can see how a warming trend might be newsworthy. This week the highs are all above 30, which seems practically tropical up here, and combined with the advent of Daylight Savings Time it might as well be summer already. When I first moved up here I didn't really understand why so many people had expensive summer toys like ATVs, Jet Skis, speedboats, and the like. It's because up here, you earn your summer months, man. So (as the thinking goes, anyway), you might as well enjoy it. In our case, though, it's nice just to know people who own the toys so we can use them but not have to, you know, pay for them. :)

Tomorrow we are going to see The Sound of Music at a community theatre near my work. It should be a good show, as they usually are at this place, and I think every date is sold out until the end of the production, so at least you know it's popular with the locals. Pre-show dinner will find me, my wife, and our friend Sarah at Davannis, which is always excellent.


sj said...

Sound of Music is going to be awesome. And congrats on the PRO're a rock star. :)

Phil Ringsmuth said...

Old-school Strongbad references for the win!