Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Go East Young Man

(with apologies to Smitty)

So my wife and I got to Washington DC on Sunday evening with nary a hitch or trouble, and even our suitcases made the trip just fine. The cab driver from the airport to Dupont Circle (about 30 minutes) was super friendly, and the weather is much nicer than Minneapolis. Yesterday and today we spent a good chunk of the day at the Library of Congress, where we gathered research for her dissertation, which is the whole reason we're here in the first place. We did take time for some limited sightseeing, and made our way around the Capitol building (though the presence of dozens of armed guards all over the place was a bit of a shocker).

This morning we dropped by the Supreme Court to take a gander at a rather large crowd of demonstrators who were both in favor of, and not in favor of, an impending Supreme Court Ruling on second amendment rights. It was a very peaceful crowd all in all, especially given the subject matter for which they were demonstrating, but I suppose that says something about the American spirit of goodwill and democracy. Or maybe it was early and the were just tired. After that we went to gather more data at the LoC, had lunch at this place called Cosi (basically a SubWay with flat bread), and in a little while we're going to meet a few of my wife's friends for dinner.

All in all, DC is pretty cool. The Metro is awesome, and the Governmental-type sights to see are pretty neat too. It's like we're living out an episode of The West Wing, but with fewer Big Blocks of Cheese. Our hotel has free WiFi too, which is always a bonus.

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chaviva said...

I guess I took it for granted. There weren't Cosis in Nebraska? Hrm. I do love their bread, though :D

Be sure to go to Soho Tea and Coffee ... I pretty much lived there when I lived in DC.