Saturday, February 02, 2008

Friday Night In

It's been somewhat of a crazy week, and the evenings have not left much time for recreation or relaxing, but we did manage to beat a few more songs on Guitar Hero 3's "Medium" career mode. We not have four or five stars on every song except for the final set, of which we are a tad leery. Of course, there still remains two additional difficulty levels we have not even begun to tackle yet, but still...the idea of playing "Cliffs of Dover" or "One," even on medium, is enough to make any casual gamer cringe in fear.

Last night we made a trip to the nearby mall to look for a few things, and before we left I stopped by Chipotle to use my free burrito card I received in the mail a few days ago. Oh burrito. This is the second time I have received one of these, the first being when a new Chipotle opened up a few miles south of us. I think they do it as a promotion to let people know about the new stores, but whatever the reason, I walked out of those shiny metal doors with a delicious steak burrito loaded with extras, courtesy of the restaurant itself. Mmmm...steak burrito...

We spent the rest of the night watching the Michael Mann movie "Thief," which is a decent story about these guys who rob safes. While we do enjoy going out with friends and things like that, it's nice to just spend an evening at home, too.

I should also mention, albeit a tad belatedly, that one week ago I took the Buffalo Wild Wings "Blazin' Challenge" with a few other guys. We all passed, and our reward for several nigh-unbearably spicy minutes and an evening of abdominal discomfort was the same reward that has motivated more guys to do more stupid things than almost any other force in history: a free T-shirt.

The rules of the challenge state that each participant must eat 12 Blazin' wings in 6 minutes with no other sauces (ranch, blue cheese, etc.) and nothing to drink. The guys I was with did it in about three and a half minutes, and I finished my final wing in just over four. Was it worth it? Definitely. Would I do it again? I severely doubt it.

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gb said...

congrats on your wing accomplishment... under which section of your resume does this certificate go???