Sunday, January 27, 2008

Up North

Having been away from the extended family for far too long, my wife and I decided to drive up to Saint Cloud on Saturday night for an evening of cards and board games. I actually had to turn down an invitation to play Boot Hockey from my cousin who lives on a lake outside of the Cities, but hopefully we will make it to his place soon enough to enjoy the ice before it melts. I also hoped to see my other cousins in Saint Cloud, who just moved up here from Georgia. More on that in a second, though.

Anywho, our trusty 1992 Geo Prizm brought us safely there, and turned 161,000 on the way (if we have our way he'll make it all the way to 200K and beyond). We met up with my cousin Beth and her boyfriend "S" at Caribou right away, and hung out drinking hot chocolate and coffee while we caught up on casual miscellany. Good times.

Shortly after arriving at Beth's parents' house, where Game Night was being hosted, we found ourselves awash in an array of avocado dip, popcorn, chips, juice, cheesecake, and tiny cousins running all over the place. It was a blast, which is usually the case when my extended family gets together. My grandparents continue to dominate all when it comes to card games, and we also had a great time playing Catch Phrase, Wii Tennis, and just plain ol' chatting. It was cool to see my cousin Angie and her boyfriend too. Thanks for coming, you two. :)

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gb said...

never take it for granted when you are awash in cheesecake as it is not common everywhere on the globe.