Thursday, February 28, 2008

Almost there...

Today I donated my sixth recorded pint of blood at the bi-monthly blood drive where I work. I think my total is actually more like eight pints, because I remember a few times I donated before keeping track on the nifty little Red Cross Donation card they give you. I still get nervous every time I donate, though, mostly because I have somewhat of a fear of needles. As far back as I can remember, I have been scared of them, even though it doesn't really hurt all that much to get stuck with one. Still, though, I recall getting a tetanus shot when I was in middle school and bawling my eyes out for a while afterward, mostly because I was horrified of the hideously long needle they used to administer the shot.

At the blood drive, I look away when they stick the needle in my arm, but I sometimes venture a quick glance at the clear plastic bag slowly filling up with billions of my very own A-positive red cells. Then I quickly look away and watch the floor.

Anyway, two more donations and I get a cool "one gallon" pin. :)

It snowed today, which might be a bummer save for the fact that it's nearly March, and the prima-vera of spring is getting closer every day. Added to that is the bonus of a slightly earlier daylight savings time this year. Sweet.

In my efforts to rid myself of the sniffles which have somewhat plagued my sinuses these past three days, I am heading to bed early tonite. G'night, folks.

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jessrings said...

I like to give blood too. Although in Georgia I don't think they give you anything at the one gallon mark but maybe I just haven't gotten there yet. I've tried to donate platelets too, in honor of my mom, because those go to cancer patients and such. However, you're there for like 2 hours and you have two needles in your arm, so that's a bummer.

I have A pos blood too, how 'bout that.