Monday, February 04, 2008

Double Double

Why do I enjoy The West Wing?

If this was 24, CJ Cregg would have shot Big Bird in the head.

After first interrogating him.

With a rusty buzz saw.

...That's why I enjoy The West Wing.

In other news, my brother Andy just called right here, right now, to tell me he was waiting for Van Halen to take the stage in Omaha. It's communiqué s like these that make me smile real big and ponder those slightly off-kilter events in this world that are just...uniquely Andy. Go ahead and jump, man. Go ahead and jump.

Edit: apparently the show was awesome, as evidenced by the photo Andy just sent me, from his iPhone, of course. Let's just hope he doesn't get mugged by some mullet-headed dude sporting a Crystal Clear Pepsi shirt.

1 comment:

chaviva said...

Van Halen is in Omaha!? And Andy's there!? That's pretty rad.

Note: I also love West Wing. It got me through my summer in Denver when I was interning there. The Denver Public Library had all of the seasons available at that time for check-out. Man, I miss that library ....