Saturday, February 23, 2008

Warming Trend

My sister called yesterday to see how things were going, and among bits of conversation about jobs, family, and the like, I mentioned that the weather is getting warmer. To a non-northerner this might seem like idle smalltalk, but I was sincere in my desire to discuss the weather because it really is nice when things start to warm up around here. There was a day this week when it was 13 below on my way to work, and when things start to warm up, it really is something to talk about.

My wife and I are going to see The Church Basement Ladies tonight, courtesy of my work. Last year they treated all the staff to a performance of Triple Espresso, which was a surprisingly good time. I'm hoping tonight's will be equally enjoyable, and at any rate, it will be a cool night on the town. :)

Last night we had dinner at a place called Bascallis, which is a little Italian diner about six blocks from where we live. It's kind of like the Italian equivalent of The Brass Rail, in that it's certainly not a well known or supremely popular restaurant, but the food is worth its weight in gold. After that we went to see Charlie Wilson's War at the second-run theatre near our house which, we discovered, will be closing its doors for good on March 31. I actually told my wife that I would not be able to blog about it because I could not find a positive angle to the theatre's closing. And one day later, I still can't. But I'm mentioning it anyway. Roseville 4, you will be missed. I'll pour out some popcorn oil for you...


gb said...

my heart just broke. the $2 theatre was a second home to me.... but i knew rainbow always wanted it. my only hope is that one will open in the old har-mar cinema.... the world needs more $2 theatres... (it's $14.80 for a regular ticket here or $31.50 for a wider seat in the last three rows)

Sarah said...

So how did you like Church Basement Ladies? Some people from our church went a couple years ago and we all thought it was hilarious. :) Very universal (experiences) to small churches. Plus, the chick playing the "hot flash lady" is usually in the Christmas plays at the Seasons, so it was fun to see her in a different venue. She is always hilarious. She was an understudy then, so it might not be who you saw in that role.