Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Final Expansion of the Crack

Yesterday we went with our usual quisine-tasting friends, Jon and Sarah, to this place called "The Nook." It's basically a large dirty closet with a five square-foot kitchen that serves up greasy burgers and the like. Jon saw it on a TV show which explores places such as this around the country, so we all piled into our 1998 Corolla and drove four miles to see what the big deal was.

Turned out we were not alone. The place was jammed with people, but we got in soon enough and enjoyed a tasty meal next to a booth which was once occupied by none other than Barbara Streisand. We all ordered "Juicy Lucy" burgers, which contained a cheese-filled patty in lieu of typical burger fare in which the cheese is simply a topping. Next to this shifty Packer bar in Wisconsin where we go sometimes, and a place my wife likes in Saint Louis called The Fatted Calf, these Juicy Lucy burgers were probably the best cheeseburgers I have ever had. Definitely worth a trip, folks.

After that we capped the evening off with a perennial favorite: National Treasure, which contains the greatest twenty seconds in action movie history. So great, in fact, that I made the following video just to illustrate my point:

After that we watched the Blue Oyster Cult "Cowbell" sketch and went to bed. It don't get no better than this, folks.


Anonymous said...

YESSSSSSSSSS! thanks for the text. ha.

gb said...

the nook was one of the last places i ever ate in the cities and it was phenomenal.... runyon and casper are on to something...