Thursday, May 01, 2008

Deli Rounding Up

When I was a kid I had a ritual that would often be coupled with a viewing of one of the Star Wars movies or an episode of Star Trek: I would load up a bowl of Tostitos chips - the regular giant triangle-shaped ones, not one of the strange variations that have been more prevalent recently - and get another bowl of Pace "Medium" salsa in which to dip said chips, along with a mug of milk, and go to town. It was part snack, part endurance test (I sometimes braved the "Hot" salsa, but oh boy...), but whatever it was, it certainly happened a lot.

Then, as often happens with these sorts of things, I moved on to other things to accompany my sci-fi viewing: homemade malts, vats of orange Kool-Aid, microwave popcorn, ramen noodles, and the like. Oddly enough, when I graduated high school and moved out, I stopped eating the snacks I most enjoyed, probably because I had other things to pay for, like rent and such.

Recently, I have been reviving the ol' chips-and-salsa tradition, though but with somewhat of a twist. Instead of springing for the Tostitos, I have been opting for their cheaper counterpart, the classic round yellow "Deli Round" chips. You know the kind: yellow, salty, and available in dozens, if not hundreds, of off-brand labels at every grocery store in America (the bag I am munching on as I write this is branded "Super Crunch"). Even though they are cheaper, they are actually pretty good, especially when I stumble across one with an excessive amount of salt. And the salsa? It's still Pace "Medium," but it now comes in a half-gallon jug from Costco.

Now if only I could figure out how to turn a brick of cheddar into delicious cheese-sauce topping for Nachos. If anyone knows how this secret, please let me know...


gb said...

this is how my dad made delicious cheese topping... don't know if you could substitute cheddar for the cheese-like substance known as velveta....

2 Tablespoons Vegetable Oil
1 pound Velvetta Cheese
1 medium Onion, chopped
2-3 Tablespoons Hot Peppers, chopped
2 small Mild Peppers, chopped
1 JalepeƱo Pepper, chopped
8 ounces Tomatoes, chopped and drained

Brown the Onion and Peppers in oil. Add the Tomato and cook covered for 30 minutes in Fry Pan. Add Cheese and melt.

Simon said...

That's the real trick, I guess...using Velveeta instead of cheddar. If only there were a way to use cheddar...

This dip sounds good, though. I'll make it sometime and report back. And if I don't, then we'll make it after your return to the States when we have you over for what I assume will be the inevitable Wii/Guitar Hero "He's Back!" celebration.