Saturday, May 03, 2008

A little energon, and a lot of luck

There's a weekly podcast I listen to called The Hotspot, where four or five guys from Gamespot talk about video game news, events, trends, and the like. They also run contests, mostly on a weekly basis, and this morning I made the following audio file by editing segments from three separate episodes of the show: April 15, when one particular contest was introduced, April 22, when the winners were announced, and April 29, when one of the entry submitters called in to clear up some rumors.

And while failed podcast contest entry submissions are generally not blog-worthy, this is, without a doubt, the best Optimus Prime impression I have ever heard...


Even Peter Cullen would be impressed.

In other news, I put my second broken electronic item on eBay today (the first was my broken iPod I sold over a year ago). I ran across this listing a few days ago for our same camera, with the same problem, and figured I could get at least $40 since I have a better feedback score and a more impressive listing overall. But who knows. In any case, here's hoping our old camera will go out in a blaze of PayPal-induced glory...

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Thomas said...

Oh my! That was the most amazing thing I have heard in at least the last few days, if not a solid week. I will be thinking about that for quite some time. Absolutely jaw dropping and pretty funny too. Thanks for the link. I hope that man goes on to do even more amazing things.