Saturday, May 31, 2008

This chick is toast

...meaning, she's probably gonna get one wicked sunburn. In any case, you should probably check it out:

Roz is six days into her solo rowing trip.

"But where?" you might ask. "Down the river?"


"Hrm...across a lake?"

Wrong again.

"I give up."

I knew you would.

No, Roz is rowing across the Pacific Ocean. Pretty schweet if you ask me. And since you're reading my blog, I'm guessing you did. She's decked out, too, with solar-powered computers, iPods, and other such amenities. But it means she gets to post blog updates, and it's supremely interesting. I mean, blogging from a 16-foot rowboat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? And I thought it was cool when my brother Andy went down a 700-foot sledding hill with his video camera strapped to one hand...

Good luck, Roz. You've got the tools, and you've got the talent. Just make sure to watch out for those pesky Great White Sharks and the occasional hurricane.

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gb said...

all i can think of is "neato"