Sunday, April 27, 2008

Double the 'c' and double the 's'

It worked! Out of the four VCRs I got from my job, one was functional, and now sits mightily atop our entertainment center, ready to play any tape we throw at it. In a surprise twist, though, this VCR outputs audio in (wait for it...) stereo! Yes, we can now enjoy both left and right channels while we watch a movie. Ahhh...bliss.

Truth be told, one of my main grips about DVD players is that I have yet to see one that incorporates the ability to remember where you stopped watching a movie. A VHS tape just stays put, right where you hit [STOP]. But if I'm halfway through the Lord of the Rings and my wife wants to watch an episode of House of Elliot, I have to wade through warning screens and chapter lists the next time I pop in my DVD, just to get to where I left off. But this isn't a blog for griping, so I'll just stop now. :)


Phil Ringsmuth said...

Is that a Full House reference?

gb said...

that sounds more like a problem with your wife than with DVD technology :)

Simon said... in the WORLD did you know it was a Full House reference? It TOTALLY is! Now, for bonus points, who said it, and to whom?

Phil Ringsmuth said...

I believe that's the second time I've blown you away by knowing a totally (more than) obsolete reference.

And now, for my well-earned bonus points:

Danny Tanner said it to Stephanie Tanner regarding how to spell the word "SUCCESS". This mnemonic device was supposed to help her better compete in the spelling bee against the ugly boy, who eventually won by correctly (and, in wonderful sitcom fashion, oh-so-ironically) spelling the word "MNEMONIC."

Anything else I can help you with today? :-)

sj said...


Simon said...

"Now there's a silent m?!?! I hate this language!"


Well done, sir. Well done. I stand (or, rather, sit) in awe of your obscure trivia knowledge.

Phil Ringsmuth said...

"Maybe later you'd like a handful of ice cream."