Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fishing Opener?

I enjoy fishing, but, though I live in Minnesota, I only go a few times a year, and mostly on vacation or with my friend Jon at his cabin. Yesterday, though, my cousin Matt invited me up to his house on a lake north of the Cities for this year's inaugural fishing expedition. And by expedition I mean that we, along with his wife and a few others, took his old pontoon out for an hour and threw grub worms and peanut shells at the tiny sunfish. Even though I only caught one fish, and between the five of us nothing we reeled in was longer than a few inches, we had a great time. Which, in my judgement, is the real point of fishing anyway. We also had some delicious burgers for dinner and capped the night with some Guitar Hero.

As I type this I have completed five separate projects for my fledgling video business, save for the printing of some DVD inserts. My little Pioneer 110D has been burning DVDs like crazy these past few weeks, and I'm optimistic about a few other jobs I have lined up this summer too. All in all, it should buy a new iMac by the end of the summer. Excellent.

This morning the weather has been astounding--crisp, fresh, and not a cloud in the sky. Minnesota in the springtime really is something else, man. But one thing we do not have, as readers of this blog are keenly aware, is a little slice of heaven in the form of a Nebraska-based taco chain known as Amigo's. And a half hour ago my brother Tom reminded me of this in a picture he sent to me showcasing the condiments he and his fiancée were employing to augment their already delicious taco lunch:

And that, as he said, is just for two people. Well done, Tom...well done.


Thomas said...

Oh ye of jumping to conclusions. Read the email again. I said two people, I did not say who, It was Joanne and myself. Sadly Tyne was not involved in this outing. So there was no finance involvement. Thus placing false information in your blog.. duh duh dunn. Nice job on show casing the photo though.

Simon said...

Gah! You are correct, I did indeed assume it was you and Tyne. In any case, you did get to consume delicious Amigo's, which is really all that counts.

As a matter of fact, I went and made homemade tacos for lunch, though they could have used some cheese and mild sauces. :)

jessrings said...

Mmmmm..I love sauce. If you can actually taste the food then clearly you do not have enough sauce.