Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A few of my favorite things

Ok, so I don't have a lot of time to write this, but I just wanted to say a huge thank-you to all my family who came up to visit this past weekend.

And so I shall: "Thank you." :)

We somehow crammed two of my brothers, my sister, her daughter, and my brother's fiancée in our apartment for two and a half days, and despite the itty bitty living space, we had an absolute blast. My wife and I made our signature Breakfast of Awesomeness on Saturday *and* Sunday morning, and much of the time at our place was spent talking, playing Wii, and watching The Office (c'mon, Andy, you know you want to rent it now...). We also took hundreds of pictures, mostly of my two year-old niece who is just starting to learn to talk. Awww... My parents also came up for the weekend, and stayed at my uncle's house, and the whole lot of us ended up going to my cousin's harp recital-slash-high school graduation, and the reception afterwards, on Saturday. Then on Sunday we went to Saint Cloud for another graduation party, this time for my cousin Christy, and following that we hoofed it over to Foley to see my uncle and his family. Highlights from all the preceeding include, but are not limited to:

• Finding out that my sister is pretty good at Mario Kart Wii. She even beat me a few times.
• Eating LOTS of junk food on Sunday evening at our place
• Introducing my brother Andy to The Office
• Riding my uncle's four-wheeler with my sister
• Target shooting with my brother Andy's handguns
• Eating LOTS of excellent barbecue on Sunday, and taking a good deal of it home as leftovers
• Visiting with cousins and other relatives we do not normally get to see.
• Listening to Esther play the harp. Good gravy, she rocks the house church with that thing!
• Having our friend Sarah over on Friday to hang with The Fam. Thanks, dude!
• Playing with my niece, who is the cutest two-year-old in the world. No, seriously, it's true.

Ok, seriously, family is awesome. We're going to Lincoln in a month and a half and I'm already excited for it.

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