Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Within Your Means

I recently discovered that my wife and I live rather frugally. Now, I already knew this since, well, I just did. But this list confirms it. Of the 20 suggestions offered, we do roughly 17 of them on a regular basis. I think my favorite item is #8, since we try to go to the dollar theatre by our house as often as possible. Well, not like we're there every night or anything, but every couple weeks we'll hit it up on a Tuesday night when it really is a dollar. Don't get me wrong, though, this is about the most un-classy movie theatre I have ever been in (makes the Joyo look like an AMC), and you really do have to sift through the seats in any given row to find the working ones, but it really is hard to beat the price. We just saw Evan Almighty and Ocean's 13 there, and next week it will probably be the third Pirates of the Caribbean or Waitress (why Waitress? I shan't dignify the question...).

Tonight we helped the guy from Generation Bob (can I use your real name?) move his piano into storage before his year-long furlough in New Zealand. Afterwards we went out for some Dairy Queen which, for those of you who don't live in Minnesota, is one of these people's favorite summer pasttimes. Lemme tell you, they like themselves some summertime up here, and that usually means very long lines at any given ice cream shoppe. But what a most delicious way to pass the time. :) Anyway, thanks for the ice cream, Mr. GB, and best of luck on your trip!


Sarah J. said...

Nicely done. Sorry if we busted your budget going to the oh-so-spendy bowl-o-rama the other night. :( I didn't know it was so pricey.

And one thing I have to say about the good old DQ--there are always softball or baseball teams there. What's the deal? It's like what you "have" to do after the big game. Stupid. But I am all for celebrating summer. After all, we don't get enough of it around here in chilly MN. You should know that by now. ;)

Oh, and nicely done on the ebay auctions.

Simon said...

No way, dude! We had a great time bowling, even though it was a bit much. The company more than made up for the price. :) And way to go on scoring higher than all of us on the second game! All that Wii bowling must be paying off...

Wow, that *totally* happened while we were at DQ tonight. We were eating our ice cream at one of their picnic tables when along comes a softball team, hungry for some soft serve. Good thing we beat them to the order window. :)

gb said...

i'm impressed with your budgeting skills... i only do 15 of the 20 items.... i'm so ashamed you have out frugaled me.

you can use my real name, but isn't gb more fun?

thank you for moving the piano. hope you aren't too sore today.

dq is great, but i love izzy's the most because the idea of an izzy scoup completely astounds me. unfortunately, it was out of our way last night. have you been to izzy's before?