Saturday, August 25, 2007

Stately Faring

Last night we went to see Pirates 3 at the $2 theatre near our house, which was preceded by a visit to a local burger restaurant called Snuffy's. I was thoroughly confused for much of the movie, so I decided to not think about what was actually happening and watch for cool special effects and the like instead. All in all it was a decent movie, and I would enjoy seeing it again now that my wife has explained almost everything I did not understand, but not as good as the first one. It seems as though what began as a fun summer distraction has turned into an overwrought tale of mysticism and betrayal, a story struggling to match Lord of the Rings in terms of epic scope, but ultimately failing due to inherently weaker source material. But hey, it's got pirates and stuff blowing up, so as I said, I'm eager to see it again. :)

It's State Fair time in Minnesota, or, as I heard it described on KTLK, "The Great Minnesota Get-Together." I liked going to the Nebraska state fair when I was a kid, but mostly for the rides. When I outgrew the rides, I guess I stopped being interested in much of what the fair had to offer, and that continues to this day. I mean, the fair is cool and all, but I guess it's just not very interesting to me personally. I like the idea of eating lots of odd fried food concoctions on a stick, but not the idea of, well, going to the fair to do it. I'm not really into agriculture and animals, but I do think it's cool to have stuff of your own to show off. If I grew some prized veggies or whatnot, I'd be proud to show 'em off at the fair. So I guess what I mean is, to those of you who are Getting Together, I'll be elsewhere, but I hope you have a good time. Let me know how it goes.

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