Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Recalling Genius?

So my wife's laptop battery isn't what it used to be. It holds a charge for about 40 minutes--not nearly long enough to do any reasonable amount of computing. We figured we would be out a cool C-note for a new battery, but just for kicks we took it to the Apple Store near our house. The dude at the help desk (Apple calls them "Mac Geniuses," or I suppose, perhaps properly pluralized, "Mac Genii") took about one-half of one look and happily informed us that her battery was recalled some time ago, and she was entitled to a brand-new one free of charge.

Between that and the Verizon incident, we've had our share of good customer service experiences this week. Drew, are you reading this? I know you would appreciate it. :)

Anyway, we filled out a quick online form and that was about it. Not too shabby, says I.

If any of you are interested in doing crosswords, I highly suggest starting on your local newspaper's Monday puzzle. They are usually easy, and increase in difficulty through Friday, at which point you may want to incinerate your newspaper out of sheer frustration. We bought a book of Monday crosswords a few weeks ago and I can now solve *most* of one by myself, save for one or two letters. It's more fun when solving with another person, though, and my wife and I are often able to get most of a Washington Post crossword done too. Just thought I'd share.

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