Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Big Storm

Last week it stormed so bad that many trees in our neighborhood were damaged or uprooted altogether. Not the local trees, mind you. I'm talking about the big Corellian trees now. But the storm itself was pretty cool--one of the old-fashioned kind that shows up at night like a party guest and brings a truckload of thunder and lightning. I really enjoy those kind of storms, and have ever since I was a kid. My brothers and I used to run around outside during big honkin' thunderstorms, and ride our bikes around after they left, and build dams in the street to divert the water, and other such things that young boys do for fun. Often my parents would drive us around in their minivan afterwards to look at the swollen ditches and overflowing streets after a monster storm tore through the area. And that's the kind of storm we had last week, and will probably have again today. It's windy and cloudy and chilly, and the weather radar shows a massive blotch of green, yellow, and red heading this way. I'm pretty excited.

Last night we hung out with our friends Jon and Sarah for a while. I actually changed the oil in my car at Sara's house, since her dad is kind enough to let me use his garage when I need to. We also went to eat at Texas Roadhouse, did some shopping at Kohl's (is it just me, or is every single item in that store perpetually on sale?), and then broke in our new bowling shoes during two games at a bowling alley nearby. Good times, all in all.

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