Monday, August 06, 2007

Ask And Ye Shall Receive

My wife and I like to send text messages with our cell phones, but Verizon charges a hefty penny for each one sent and received. If I text my wife it costs $.30 ($.15 for me to send, and $.15 for her to receive), and when you multiply that by a couple dozen in a month, things really start to add up. So this afternoon I called up Verizon and asked what they could offer us lest we switch carriers. The lady, Jane, with whom I spoke, was very polite and helpful, and eventually hooked us up with a sweet deal that gives us something like 250 texts a month for $5 per month, where normally that same deal is $10 per month. Not bad, says I! Emboldened with my sword of consumerism, I plan on calling up Comcast in the next few days to see what they can do for us too. $60 per month for internet? Come on... :)

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