Sunday, August 05, 2007

Ex Post Wedding

*whew* It was one heck of a trip, partly because the wedding was so much fun but also because it was such a fast trip all in all. We left Saturday at 9am and got back this afternoon about 3pm. Madison is about four hours from here, give or take, so you do the math. It was totally worth it, though, as the wedding was beautiful and the reception was so darn fun. We consumed massive amounts of soda along with pre- and post-dinner appetizers. In fact, the latter was something I had not experienced at a wedding until now: about two hours after dinner, in the middle of "Ice Ice Baby," I was told that there was a pile of chips and cheese squares in the anteroom along with copious amounts of guacamole, sour cream, and salsa. It wasn't as good as the post-dinner Amigos run at my brother Phil's wedding, but it was close. All food comments aside, though, we both had a wonderful time and wish the new couple all God's blessings on their marraige.

(The following paragraph contains spoilers about 24. Highlight the text to see them)

After we got home we finished the final two episodes from the first season of 24. I am pleased that the show has graduated from its transparent attempts at overtely shocking its audience, from the first few episodes, to building several thoroughly entertaining dramatic conflicts throughout the season and then wrapping them all neatly up at the end. Even down to the final seconds, the show was engaging and quite literally kept me guessing as to how in the world things would actually end up, especially with Nina and her connections to the Drazen's people. While I think the ending scene when Jack's wife died was a rather blatant attempt to resort to that original in-your-face SHOCK value, it did fit the show's tradition of keeping its audience guessing. And, I have to admit, I do eagerly anticipate beginning the second season. :)

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