Sunday, April 15, 2007

T to the B

My friend Nick once remarked that Taco Bell most likely uses Grade F meat, and though I find no basis on which I could plausibly disagree with him, I cannot deny that their food is fairly delicious. We went there after church and even though the food is not what you could classify as anything close to gourmet midwestern Mexican fast-food, the nachos and tacos were still pretty tasty, especially when washed down by copious amounts of what my friend Dylan would call Nectar of Liberal. Or was it Dr Pepper that carried that moniker? Dylan, if you remember, tell me.

It's super nice outside, and after lunch we went on a walk around a small lake near our place. Lemme tell you, when it gets to be nice outside, Minnesotans come out of the woodwork, man. The park was swarming with people long cooped up inside for several months of bitter cold and snow, and eager to get out and make the most of the fair weather. Carpe springtime!

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jessrings said...

Atlanta weather today consisted of a huge, windy nor'easter. It's been hilarious especially to see my cat Soxie's reaction. I think she thinks the world is ending. I tried to tell her no, it's just the door slamming shut so she'll be fine. No dice.