Monday, April 30, 2007

Burritos and Amends

I enjoy myself a burrito from time to time. Some of the highlights of burrito-dom I can think of offhand are...

D'Leon's in Lincoln
Kind of a hole-in-the-wall joint, you might say, off of Highway 34 on the west end of town. Huge burritos, open all night long, and the drive-thru is always way backed up.

This Mexican place here in the Cities where burritos are well over a foot long, four inches wide, and rather thick too. I'm not order the "Wet Burrito" and you will have food for at least two days. We went there yesterday and finished up today.

Trite and trendy? Possibly. Delicious? Definitely (were I on my brother's podcast, I would have to take a drink or two of soda right now). Massive goodness delivered in a shiny foil wrapper. Most excellent.

Taco Bell
I'm not a fan of their burritos, but I do remember going to San Antonio with my church youth group, looking for some real Mexican food, and ending up running for PepsiCo's "border" instead of the real one. :)

Amigo's Meaty Burrito
When I was a kid I would drown them in mild sauce, thus beginning my lifelong relationship with Amigo's foods of all kinds.

Taco Inn
First introduced to them by Josh and Nick back in high school, these are always good for a midwest-Mex fix, especially if you're short on cash.

And I must say a big hearty Hey to Sarah, who also reads this blog. Thanks for chatting with us at your work the other day, dude! Sorry I didn't mention you in the other post. :(

My nose is a bit stuffy as of late, which is kind of a bummer, but I'm treating it with lots of water and Mountain Dew. Maybe not the best idea to get rid of a cold, but it's a bit tastier than others. :)

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