Sunday, April 22, 2007

Props To...

I just need to take a few minutes here and give a shout out to...

• Laser printers. They're WAY better than inkjets, and only a tad more expensive. Come on, how often do you need to print in color, anyway?

• My cousin Beth's iPod. It's a 20-gig 2nd Generation, and still going strong long after my 40-gig 4th Generation, and my wife's original iPod mini, both died. Thanks for letting me use it, Beth!

• Mountain Dew.

• 17th and Vine, and the end of Friday night.

• Robin Mark.

• The IGN Mac Boards, well worth the $20 yearly fee.

• Vonage.

• Cheap recordable media CDs and DVDs.

SilverKeeper, the free software that backs up my Mac every night whilst I sleeps.

• My wife, Jess, Beth, Chaviva, my mom, Andy, Nick, Charlotte, the Aca Dec team, and others who like reading this blog. Thanks, everyone!


Anonymous said...

What's with 17th and Vine and Friday nights? Your Dad isn't to crazy about Vonage lately. Twice, in the last 10 days or so we haven't had any phone coverage.

Phil said...

Siiiiii-man! So Wendi and I just (sigh) renewed our two-year contract with Cingular, so we got new fones. They were selling that Pocket PC one I had last year, refurbished, for $50. Score.

Anyway, I now subscribe to your blog's rss feed on my phoney. Oh, and yes, this means that I'm definitely, almost certainly *not* getting an iPhone for at least two years :-).

Simon said...

17th and Vine is a song by Nick's band. :)

Glad to see you got the cool phone back, Phil! It's pretty sweet. Too bad about the iPhone, though, but maybe in 2 years people like us will be able to afford it. ;)

Sarah said...

I see how it is. No shout out for the S to the J... :(