Saturday, April 07, 2007


I have been online, so to speak for quite a long time. I also know that "quite" is one of my older brother's favorite descriptive words, so I am probably channeling him here, as he was instrumental in igniting my interest in computers in the first place. My email address is the same one I have had since early 1995 (save for a precious three- to four-month span after I graduated high school) and I can remember seeing a demonstration of a strange new program called "Netscape" at a Macintosh user's group meeting many years ago. I also remember when my older brother introduced me to Instant Messaging. At the time, IMing was labeled as such because it was the first time a message could be sent, and received, almost instantly. It was sort of like sending an email (which few people knew how to do anyway) only, well, instantly. Never mind you that emails typically go from sender to receiver in a matter of seconds anyway...IMing was a whole new way to look at communicating with people over vast distances. It was pretty cool, you might say.

I don't fire up my IM client much anymore, mostly because I have a whole bunch (not just part of a bunch, but a whole bunch) of other things to do on a daily basis. But yesterday I had a really nice couple of chats (I use iChat instead of AIM, but it's all the same thing, really) with Nick, Ben, and my brother Tom as well as my cousin Rochelle. There's really no point to this paragraph, and its predecessor, other than to say it was nice to chat with you guys. Virtually, that is. Nick, thanks for the lesson in tuneage. Ben, I'm glad the new job is working out. Tom, I hope you can get the pictures situation working. And Rochelle, I'm glad to hear that your life is as enjoyably chaotic as ever. :)

Tomorrow is Easter, and after going to church with some friends we're going to head to St. Cloud to spend the afternoon hanging out with family. It's gonna be a good time, I'm sure, and many games of cards will likely be played. Last night we had a super tasty Lasagne dinner with the same folks with whom we are going to church tomorrow, and afterwards we played some Wii Billiards and Wii Bowling. Mind you, the Wii is far from being technologically advanced like a PS3 or 360, but gol darn it, the thing sure is a lot of fun to play.

Time to finish my Mountain Dew and wrap up this post. Oh, and as of about an hour ago we are only a few episodes away from completing the entire West Wing series. The final disc should arrive early next week, and I actually find it a bit sad to see the Bartlett administration go. Not that I think he was a good president per se, but it was just a really cool show to watch.

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