Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Carpe Sunshine

It's been raining here for about a week straight, and even though I like rain much in the same way Anakin Skywalker does not like sand, I did appreciate the short respite brought on by yesterday's sunshine. It was downright sunny out, in fact, and my wife and I took a nice walk around the neighborhood--one of my favorite pastimes when the weather permits such activities. Today it's back to more rain, but such showers are to be expected in this month of April so that such flowers might arise during the month of May. Most of all, though, such things are a harbinger of winter's end, and that's always a good thing. :)

I know I'm not a fantastic web designer, or even a very good one, but I do like tinkering on web sites and learning more coding tricks and such. So whenever I design a web site, I like to fiddle with it for days after creating it, and often the end result does turn out to be much better than my original, though sometimes I end up throwing it all out and going back to the start. George Lucas once said that films are never finished--just abandoned. The same anecdote probably applies to most creations, and even Michaelangelo would probably nitpick the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and continue to find imperfections in need of repair were he given an eternity to do so. And such is the case with my new web site. It's certainly not a high mark of web design or creativity, but it's something, and more than that, it's functional, a trait which often seems to be lost in a sea of CSS, AJAX, and Java applets.

So I keep messing with it, and for now I'm much more satisfied with the color scheme of the whole thing, though a week from now it will probably change again. And if you know anyone in the Twin Cities area who needs a wedding recorded, send 'em on to the site. :)

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