Tuesday, March 21, 2006

SNES Games

So Eve and I have been trying to find a place around here that sells used Super Nintendo games, similar to Gamers back in Lincoln. There's a Gamespot or EB Games everywhere you turn, but so far I have not come across any small-time independent retailers that specialize in non-mainstream and older stuff. I thought I found one last night, though. It's a place called "Game Cauldron" and I drove down there expecting to find a bunch of old games for sale. Turns out the place wasn't what I thought it would be, and their selection of SNES games was really disappointing. The guys at the counter were super cool, though, and I told them the games I was looking for (Tetris Attack and Donkey Kong Country 2) one of 'em said I had good taste in games. But I already knew that. ;) I'll give it another go in a week or so, and see what they have.

Matt's computer royally pooped out on him last night--it was fine two days ago, but yesterday it just flat-out would not turn on. Not good. When it did, he got a dandy little Blue Screen of Death informing him of what was probably an issue with his video card. :( He spent a good two hours on the phone with Dell, whose "award-winning service and support" meant a not-helpful series of people transferring him to different people until we finally found out we had to call Microsoft. I worked in a call center last summer and can sympathize with those people who are inundated with calls all day long. In general they are a nice bunch and they don't want to not help you (does that even make sense?) but they also don't really know *how* to help you because they cannot see what you are seeing. (last summer I took many calls from people whose lawnmowers weren't working. They were frustrated that they could not accurately describe the problem "I dunno, it's making a funny sound and oil is leaking from somewhere..." and I was frustrated that I could not really help them "I'm sorry sir, but it could be one of a hundred different problems...") We eventually did get the problem fixed thanks to a guy named Jim at Microsoft who provided us with a new key code to reinstall Windows. Yay for Jim!

So the moral of the story is: if you live in Lincoln, cherish Gamers. If you have a PC, get a Mac. :)

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