Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Fixing Things

It's cool to mess with something for a while and then finally figure it out. Case in point: I was trying to update our podcast in Eddy's absence, and kept on getting a strange error from the server. Every time I would upload the new RSS feed I got an error message about the server running out of space. It's a very very tiny file, though, so I figured something else was actually causing the problem. After some google searching, lots of frustration, and an email to the hosting company, I finally figured it out on my own, and though the solution was kind of silly, it works, and that's the bottom line. So everyone should go download the latest episode of Square2. If you don't subscribe, just search for it on the iTunes podcast directory, or go to Square2 and subscribe from there.

I did a bit of shopping tonite and got, among other things, a bag of jelly beans ("Jelly Bird Eggs") and a can of Blue Diamonds almonds. My mom used to get those particular jelly beans when I was a kid, and man are they good. mmm...jelly beans... The Blue Diamonds were suggested by the guys at the DVD Weekly Podcast, and they are also mighty good. Mighty expensive too, but whoa...mega tasty.

Ok, time for bed.

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Randall Stevens said...

Nice work, man.