Sunday, March 19, 2006

Cameron Who?

This afternoon Beth, Eve, and I went to Target to get a few things, and ended up sitting in one of those outdoorsey-type gazebo things, which they had on display, for at least a half-hour. We chatted about a lot of stuff and then realized that we were, in fact, sitting in a gazebo inside a Target store, so we took off and headed for home. :)

This evening Eve and I watched a movie with Sarah called Elizabethtown. I had heard of the movie and remembered that something was special about it, but could not figure out what it was. The movie was a wash, and I would describe it as a "hopeless mish-mash of pop culture references strung together with the loosest possible storyline involving two characters who, we are supposed to believe, fall in love with each other" if I were a movie critic. Then when the credits finally rolled, I discovered that it was a Cameron Crowe film, and suddenly it all made sense. He's made one good movie (Jerry Maguire) and a half-dozen really terrible movies (Almost Famous and Vanilla Sky being the worst offenders) but someone in Hollywood must like him or there's no way this junk would end up in the DVD players of unsuspecting movie-watchers across the country.

So where's the good in all this? Well, looking back at the movie I could see how it was a Cameron Crowe film. It's just cool how you can begin to recognize someone's work like that. Some people can look at a painting and say "Oh, that's a Monet. Look at the use of color and texture and blar-dee-blar...", and all I see is a boring picture of a tree. But I thought it was really neat how I could tell that Elizabethtown was a Cameron Crowe production. Too bad I didn't realize it an hour and fifty minutes sooner, though. 'Twould have saved the three of us from a mighty lame movie.

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