Thursday, January 17, 2008

If you can't stand the cold,

get out of the state, I guess. Well, it's more incidental than that, I suppose, but the fact remains that in just over 17 hours we will be on the road to (where else?) Nebraska, but for a slightly different reason than usual. This weekend marks the 8th annual Camp Moses Merrill trip, when over a dozen of my friends and I go to a cabin an hour north of Lincoln and spend the weekend sledding, watching movies, eating profusely, playing football, ultimate frisbee, and capture the flag, and a host of other of these sorts of activities that are best enjoyed with good company and topped off with a roaring bonfire. My wife is going to stay back in Lincoln along with Sarah, who is joining us for the trip, and will likely indulge in a vast amount of relaxing and having fun with the girls. Should be a nice weekend all around.

Meanwhile, in the Twin Cities, the high temp for Saturday is projected to be negative two degrees. Ouch. The wind chill for Sunday is supposed to be negative forty. So I'll raise a mug of hot cocoa for my Minnesota peeps before launching down the 700 foot sledding hill. See y'all in a few days.

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