Thursday, January 10, 2008

Preserving and Remembering

It's nice to be back in a routine after being out of it for a little while, and as much as I would have liked to stay on vacation even longer over Christmas break, it has been pleasant in many ways to return to life as normal. I still have a bit of trouble waking up early, but the odd thing is, on weekends I can hardly sleep past 8 even if I try. Just a few years ago I could easily sleep to 10 or 11, and in college...well, take a guess and you're probably not far off. I guess I just feel restless on the weekends, as if I need to get up simply for the sake of being productive somehow, even if it's nothing more than taking out the trash or posting on me blog. But after two weeks of, more or less, lazing about and taking it easy, I suppose a return to routine is probably a good thing.

Last night my wife and I were talking about the research papers we both had to do in high school, so I went to see if I could locate mine on my computer. See, when my parents got a Mac LCII in the early 1990s (Mom, if you read this...when did we get that computer, anyway?) I was allocated (by way of my brother Andy and I more or less agreeing to voluntarily partition the internal 80 megabyte drive amongst ourselves and the rest of the family) a share of the computer's storage space, on which I kept myriad papers, letters, programs, writings, games, and other minutia. Well, by today's standards, anyway. My school assignments accumulated over time, and were transferred to our iMac in 1998, and then to my own iMac in college, and now to my eMac which dutifully resides, albeit rather humbly, in our apartment. So I have all kinds of school papers and personal letters and whatnot going clear back to when I was 12 years old. And it is all, very literally, just a few clicks away.

Anyway, as for the research paper, I did locate it after just a few minutes of searching, and spent the next 45 minutes going through all kinds of school assignments. The cool thing is that it's all preserved in a way that takes up virtually zero storage space (less than a few MP3s) and it's extremely fast to access and sift through. In the next few days I want to post some excerpts from such gems as my 11th grade report on tapeworms, my 7th grade ballad of the Brothers Wright, and even some letters to my cousins, which I think you might find enjoyable.

That is, if I don't sleep in too late or get distracted with Mario Galaxy. :)

And in quick other blogworthy news, we made delicious lasagne tonight. It's a recipe that my wife got from a friend when we got married, and though it lacks meat, it is just about one of the most tasty entrees I have ever had. And it's not even broasted. :)

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Anonymous said...

I'll have to research that for you Simon. Is that the blue "bubble" type of iMac?
Send me your lasagna recipe please.