Sunday, January 13, 2008

Icing on the Lake

One nice thing about winters in Minnesota is the shortcuts that become available from time to time. Last night we spent a few hours playing Catch Phrase and Loaded Questions at my cousin's house, which is right on Coon Lake, about a half hour north of the Cities. When we left, though, we chose a slightly different route which, rather than circumnavigating the lake, took us right across it instead. Our entrance was at the boat access on the west side of the lake in Thielen Park, and we drove a little more than a mile to another access on the east side. All in a 1992 Geo Prizm (front wheel drive, for those following along at home), no less.

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Edit: I should probably mention that we chose to make the drive after finding out that two of our friends who live near the same lake, and were also over at my cousin's house, drove across the lake to get there. We followed them home on their way back. As for the thickness of the ice...hey, it's winter in Minnesota. :)


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Anonymous said...

How could you be sure that the ice was thick enough to hold the weight of the two of you and the car?

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Auntie Charlotte

gb said...

great tip... i'll give it a try when i'm back in september!