Saturday, October 28, 2006

Zelda Goodness

This morning I watched a "Legend of Zelda Retrospective" documentary courtesy of a web site called "" (I would post a link here, but I'm using my trusty Dashboard widget, and am too lazy to find the link) Part 1 of the documentary focused on the original NES title and its sequel, part 2 was about the SNES and Gameboy games, and part 3 delved into the genius of Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. Part 4 (and hopefully part 5, 6, etc...) are coming, but for now, it was great to remember what was so cool about those games. I only played the original for a little while, and never played its immediate sequel save for a bit here and there on a ROM I got for my computer once. I played the SNES and GB titles extensively (every time I hear Soul Asylum's "Let your dim light shine" or Weird Al's "Bad hair day" I think of the GBA game, since I listened to those albums almost exclusively while I played it in my downstairs bedroom) and came *this close* to beating Ocarina of Time. My brother Phil was fond of Majora's Mask, from what I remember, but it always weirded me out

The thing with the Zelda games is that they didn't rely on shootings and violence and shock value. They have always been good solid games with good solid gameplay. Wind Waker just feels...comfortable, I suppose would be a good term for it...and I'm very much looking forward to the newest ieration on Wii and Gamecube, due out in a few weeks.

In other news, it seems as though one of those home design shows is taking over a residence in Lincoln only a few blocks from where I grew up. Sweet!

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